The Impact Of Social On Gender And Sexuality Essay

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The present essay aims to analyse and discuss how social actions related to gender and sexuality have given rise to social change. Particular attention will be given to how views and opinions on gender and sexuality have positively evolved throughout the years as a result of decades of social activism led by the members and allies of the LGBT community. In order to do so, the current paper will firstly provide a concise account of how gender and sexuality were seen in the former times, which will be then compared to more current perspectives. Secondly, the paper will present a brief overview of the history of the LGBT movement, and highlight its main milestones. Significant emphasis will be given to how these salient occurrences have significantly affected today’s perception and attitudes towards the LGBT community in the majority of the world countries. In conclusion, the current essay will introduce and explore the recent ongoing activism that has been occurring globally within the LGBT community. In Sociology, social action is defined as any intentional actions carried out in order to bring about possible changes in the social life (Glassman, Erdem & Bartholomew 2012). When considering social action on issues related to gender and sexuality, it is necessary to acknowledge that such issues have been of significant importance to the LGBT community for a long time. In fact, it is necessary to remember that the LGBT community, its members as well as its allies have been
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