The Impact Of Social Research On Human Life And Its Relevance

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Social research has long been considered as one of the most common and useful method for researchers in the aim of understanding society and its relevance, contributing to improvement of human life (Sarantakos, 1994). In order to find the most appropriate answers for the research questions above, the planned research is going to elaborate as follows 3.1 Research approach There is no doubt that most of social researches are always really in a need of using theory, leading to a requirement on using approach methods rationally. There have three types of research approaches including deduction, induction and abduction. Each possess their own logical approaching basing on characteristic so that researchers are highly advised to consider literature review careful before choosing an approach to maximise outcomes of researches (Saunders et al, 2012a) Although “mental contract” was mentioned and examined along with both of them in terms of consumer confident and customer loyalty, this concept maybe still new and not be well defined by any expertise or people coming from academic fields (Ou et al, 2013). Additionally, the scale of this research is not huge. Therefore, inductive approach would be recommended in such circumstance. It is expected the result can bring marketing a new valuable definition or even theory since this approach consistently constructed with rigid methodology in which none of substitute evidence is accepted to understand perceptions of human being. 3.2
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