The Impact Of Social Status On Sports And Physical Activity

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Professor Peter Figueroa developed a tool to investigate the issues surrounding access, equity and equality in sport and physical activity. The more common name it is called by is Figueroa’s Framework. The framework is constructed over five separate levels: individual, interpersonal, institutional, structural and cultural. All of these areas are used to explore the ways in which inequities challenge the area of sport and physical activity. They show the different functions that reinforce, create, remove and eliminate barriers and inequities within sport and physical activity. The individual level of Figueroa’s framework looks at a person’s own attitudes, values and beliefs. It is also essential to look at whether there have been external influences involved in shaping these attitudes, particularly those that relate to stereotypes. In addition, the influences to a person’s participation, access and equity to sport and physical activity should be evaluated. The structural level of the framework examines inequities within society on a much larger scale. It evaluates the impact of social status on the types and levels of participation in sport and physical activity. The impact of power and relationships within society and the distribution of sporting resources and rewards on participation in sport and physical activity are also covered within the structural level of the framework. The interpersonal level is the relationship that affects an individual 's participation and
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