The Impact Of Social Technology On The Workplace

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Social Technology in the Workplace
The exploding growth of social technologies has drastically altered the way people communicate. As a result, the utilization of social technologies to move a business forward has become widespread. Software tools such as blogs and wikis and social network platforms like Facebook and Twitter and other communication technologies are helping to advance businesses. These new technologies improve the way that tacit and explicit knowledge is recognized, categorized and distributed throughout a firm. Knowledge in organizations is classified into two types, tacit and explicit. Knowing the differences between explicit and tacit knowledge is key to understanding how knowledge is shared. Explicit knowledge is typically clear, traceable and unequivocal; it comes in the form of documents, databases, policy and procedure manuals which make explicit knowledge "readily transferable within an organization or between individuals without the loss of meaning" (Calo, 2008). Tacit knowledge tends to be informal, less definable and uneasily transferable because it resides in the minds and experiences of workers (Calo, 2008). Tacit knowledge is the relevant information that resides in an individual 's head. It 's not written down, but is simply the knowledge someone has gathered from experience. Explicit knowledge is searchable information that can be easily found. Users can collaborate on the value and use of the knowledge. On the other hand, tacit knowledge…
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