The Impact Of Social Workers On Child Protection

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As a policy, modernizing the framework already in place to protect and prevent child neglect and abuse are an ongoing role for social workers and multi-agencies. The role of social workers in child protection involves good supervision to enable any abuse. Risk valuations and risk managements have become an important role for professionals in the area of child safeguarding, as the fear of children’s deaths have risen over the years and cased moral panics within the media and pointed blame towards social workers. Improving the systems require a change in processing information and improving standards for professional roles (Lambley, 2010).

The understanding of children’s needs has different concepts in every country such as the U.S and more Sweden. Learning and knowledge are important for professionals to understand a child with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Improving children’s services through the joining of different forces, applying structures, concepts and skills to give the best quality of care are the focus of the government’s policy as a requirement to protect and allow safety and a good state of well-being (Moss and Petrie, 2005).

Child abuse concerns over a forty year period and the failure of professionals to intervene has been a major issue in Britain. Child abuse and neglect was at its highest between the 1970s and 80s, over the years, new government policies have tightened in order to protect children by introducing new framework, uniting
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