The Impact Of Social Workers On Children And Family Services Essay

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When I was seven, my family was involved in a head-on collision where our Chevy Nova hydroplaned into a Dodge Ram. Severe injuries that occurred both in this accident and a second one two years later (caused by a drunk driver), resulted in both of my parents being permanently disabled and piles of medical bills. By the time I was in the 5th grade my mom and I became heavily involved in various volunteer organizations for low income families, particularly Neighbor Impact and a similar group called Bread of Life. For years these two programs kept my family financially afloat.. I would like to pursue this career in order to help connect families like mine with various resources that will help them get back on their feet. Social workers are the critical bridge between families and the resources that they need. The job of those specializing in child and family services may include protecting children and families from domestic abuse, discrimination, and illness. They also help with connecting families with resources like food stamps, homes, and psychological treatments. In order to accurately and efficiently perform their job, a caseworker needs to be dedicated and organized as there are ample amounts of paperwork required for each case. An individual pursuing a career in casework also has to be fairly strong and fit as they are often on call and may have to visit client’s homes. In some situations they may have to physically restrain someone in order to protect themselves or
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