The Impact Of Socialization In Society

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In the last few decades, our society has adopted many social values, beliefs, and norms to set the standard of living. This happens through the transmission of various group affiliations that inform our own personal relationship to one group of our choosing. This statement leads to the question of how a person becomes socialized in their life and is it done through our social institutions? In order to address the issue of socialization, we must understand the individual behaviors that we as a nation exhibit through our constructed self. Socialization has been studied by many theorists as an attempt to understand the ways in which we create and join social groups, however, the central concept behind the cultural groups is the development of ‘self’. Charles H. Cooley is one of many vital contributors to the development of the construction of “self”. Cooley (2011: 87) says that “the looking – glass self-proposes that, like a mirror, the self-develops through a process of reflection.” This implies that through interactions with others, humans set the foundation for our individual behaviors in our current society. For example, if a person observes the tales of the feral child which is a young boy or girl that displays wild behavior (Carl). In this case, the effects of the outside world on a child would be necessary. This sounds harsh, but this has happened before. In Think Sociology, there is a story about a father that imprisoned his daughter in a dungeon for 24 years in 2008
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