The Impact Of Society On Fashion

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Introduction The topic that I chose in visual arts is fashion. I have researched the impact of society on fashion. Through this subject I will discuss how the society as a whole contributes to what types of pieces are created and designed. Fashion is something that is literally used in everyone’s day to day lives regardless of cultures and beliefs. It is all around us, therefore it influences people everyday, sometimes in ways unknown. Therefore, this topic is completely relevant to everyone around us, seeing that it is such a diverse cultural norm. The knowledge that can be gained through this topic is the understanding and appreciation of something that sometimes gets overlooked greatly on a daily basis. It shows the importance and…show more content…
Upon this new creation the first “fashion house” was opened in Paris. Today Paris is commonly known as the fashion capital of the world, by Charles Frederick Worth. Worth is the very first fashion designer in all of fashion history, often called the father of couture, alongside Rose Bertin also a very prestigious designer. Background Charles Frederick Worth was born on October 13, 1825 in Bourne, Lincolnshire, England. Worth’s time of design was very ideal. Napoleon III was placed as emperor at the time and had a very chic wife, Eugenie. The revitalization of France that was brought upon by the emperor and the trendsetting abilities in place by his wife, led to an uproar of high fashion that was similar to the demands of the late eighteenth century. The Empress Eugenie soon became a patroness to Worth which is what planted the seed for his soon to be success. Throughout his career he was known for the luxurious trims and fabrics that were used to create his masterpieces, and also took historic influences. Along with his creations for his more prominent clientele, Worth also created collections worn on live models. The items on the models were the creations the clients not as wealthy as his more prominent buyers could order in their own size. In his collections items such as morning, afternoon, and evening dresses, night gowns, wedding gowns, gowns for masquerade balls, and costumes that famous actresses and singers wore
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