The Impact Of Socio Political Factors On The Management And Leadership Of Early Childhood Settings

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Assignment 1: The Impact of Socio-Political Factors on the Management and Leadership of Early Childhood Settings

The social and political factors greatly impact management and leadership roles in Early Childhood settings. The impacts caused by these factors can vary from favourable to non-favourable and need to be taken into consideration to create a positive environment for the management and leadership positions in early childhood services. This paper aims to discuss the impact that socio-political factors can have on management and leadership as well as highlighting ad comparing responsibilities of these roles. Lastly, this will be supported with suitable theory to support the function of regulation in the daily management and leadership of an early childhood service.

Responsibilities of key management and leadership positions
The Approved Provider
Under the National Law section 162 and National Regulation 173, there must be a responsible person at a service where children are being educated and cared for (Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority, 2013). The approved provider being one of them is a person or group of people from the management committee. Daily activities in early childhood settings are controlled by this position. The approved provider handles all issues affecting children, families and staff. The provider is also responsible for operational matters, finance and administration of the education and care service. Staffing
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