The Impact Of Solar Energy On Society

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Solar Energy

Rossana Contreras
Jennifer J. Reyes
Sylvia Romero
Luis Ramirez

MIS 3310 - 180
Nohemi Villalobos G., MS IS
23 November 2015

Table of Contents

Introduction 3
Background & History 4
Effects on People, Business & Society 9
Impacts of Solar Energy 11
Important Trends for Society, Education & Workplace 13
Solar Energy and the Government 16
Conclusion 19
Bibliography 20


The purpose of this research is to identify what Solar Energy is and how it influences the world in its entirety. The subtopics of this research paper include its history, effect on people, effect on business, effect on society and global implications. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, Solar Energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available (Solar Energy Industries Association). Technology has helped Solar Energy become accessible and to provide a different resource to the planet. Solar Energy Technology is becoming a fast growing industry and has been the root of many changes in the movement to promote an efficient global environment. This research will allow a better understanding of the benefits of solar energy and how it can be used to create a better future for society. Background & History
Solar energy has been around for centuries, even though the majority of us think it is new. Solar energy goes back to ancient times, it is the energy produced directly by the sun. The solar power can supply the

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