The Impact Of Special Education On Children With Disabilities

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Introduction: Special education services in Russia have improved enormously since the end of the Soviet Communist Regime. Despite the advances in the special education system, people with disabilities still face discrimination. According to the Human Rights Watch (HRW) report, “Barriers Everywhere,” Russia has approximately 13 million people with disabilities, including 700,000 children and young adults, yet the environment is still not accessible for people with impairments. In the 20th century, during the Soviet Era, disability was invisible to the public and children with impairments were segregated and taken to faraway institutions. Recently, significant improvements have been made to help people with disabilities acquire the same…show more content…
Media also shows a negative image of them, which is why Apparel makes commercials to spread awareness of disabilities and why it is important for disabled children to join regular schools. Even though there is still a negative image in Russia of people with disabilities, companies like Apparel and other organizations are working toward improvement. The Human Rights Watch report, “Russia: End Hurdles for People With Disabilities,” is based on 120 interviews of people with disabilities living in Russia. This report talks about the daily challenges people face because the environment is not accessible for people with disabilities. Some people using wheelchairs report staying at home for days because elevators are broken or nonexistent and some private or public buildings do not have ramps. Even though the laws have improved, “the reality does not reflect the law” states Andrea Mazzarino, a disability rights researcher at Human Rights Watch (HRW). History of Special Education in Russia: In the 19th century, special educators in Russia learned different techniques for teaching students with disabilities from the European countries. However, during the 20th century, Russia was separated from the world as a result of the Bolshevik Revolution, the Civil War,
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