The Impact Of Sports On College From A Professional And Non Professional Activity Standpoint Essay

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In this paper, I will discuss the history of the development of athletics in higher education tracing roots from England through modern day sports. I will also discuss some of the issues of sports in higher education face and discuss some of the actions that have been taken to pacify these issues. Finally, I will conclude this with a brief synopsis of the benefits of sports in college from a professional and non-professional activity standpoint. (FPO)
Historical Development
-General History
English universities were enclosed with a structure similar to what we know as prisons today. Universities were gated communities as a means of deterring students from engaging with the commoners. Within these campuses, students were provided with activities that would allow for the exhaustion of energy and physical fitness (Delbanco, 2014).(P38)
-U.S. History
Early in the United States’ higher education system, sports were regarded as a waste of time, as emphasis was placed on academic rigor. Since most of the American higher education system was based on the structure of English universities, students were to take on a likeness of their professors as further explained, “an important part—was…to witness social and intellectual exchange among their superiors, in hope that they would aspire someday to be worthy of sitting among them” (Delbanco, 2014, P.38). Because of this thought, and American’s desire for higher achievement than the English schools, early United States
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