The Impact Of Sports On Sports And Leisure Activities

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Section A Introduction Despite it being 2015, there are still many ongoing barriers which are preventing many people of all ages, races, genders and social backgrounds from participating in sports and leisure activities. Economically, some sports are just completely unviable to people from certain backgrounds. Sports such as Polo are completely exclusive to a certain class of people, due to the mass expenses required to get you started. Inner city families, some of whom may have a member of the household unemployed would never be able to foot the cost of the bills to play Polo. Along with the unfeasibility of the costs of certain sports, people are also being excluded from sport due to the social side of the spectrum. Many sports are perceived as having gender ties and many children are brought up to identify that a certain sport shouldn’t be played by boys as it is a "girls sport" and vice versa. This leads to a massive social stigma that is developed during the formative years of schooling that influences children 's decisions on what sports they decide to play. It can also be tied into many cases of Homophobia in schools, where many homophobic slurs may be attached to a girl who enjoys rugby, or a boy who enjoys gymnastics. Due to the low number of combination between the sexes in many sports as children, this leads to a deficiency of integration as adults, therefore making it more difficult to get involved in a sport as an adult, due to the sport being either male
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