The Impact Of Standardized Testing On Schools

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Rachel Spinks Professor S. Iwanek GOVT 2306-P04 13 April 2015 The Impact of Standardized Testing Introduction: Standardized testing is used to hold schools accountable. The pressure to have students pass the STAAR test has negatively impacted education, because teachers to narrow curriculum in order to focus on material on the test. Standardized testing is causing the deterioration of a meaningful curriculum in the Texas Education System Current Problems: Texas implanted standardized testing in 1984. High school students had to pass an English and math examination in order to graduate (Hursh, 607). The current state required exam is STAAR. Students in third to eighth graders take five STAAR exams each year, and high school students take a series of end of course exams (“The Truth about Standardized Testing in Texas.”). The STAAR test holds schools accountable to students, parents, and the state. The test scores were to increase from year to year for four years, but the only districts that have shown any improvement are those that have 5,000 students or less. Political leaders agree that there is a problem with the STAAR test (Weiss, “Special Report: Texas Standardized Tests in Trouble; Districts not Showing Gains.”) The chair of the Senate Education, Dan Patrick stated “I’m getting to the point where I’m losing total confidence in our state testing because we’re getting students with A’s and B’s… who can’t pass the Algebra 1 test, for example” (qtd. in Weiss). Not all
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