The Impact Of Status Disclosure From Hiv Positive Individuals

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One of the main goals of my study is to examine the impact of status disclosure from HIV positive individuals to their sexual partners and the affects associated with the disclosure. Mary O’ Grady (2011) Mary O’Grady measured a sample of 60 individuals (30 men and 30 women) and examined the disclosure of their HIV positive statuses to their sexual partners and the ethnics’ behind the disclosure. She investigates the rights to self-preservation, privacy and confidentiality. The study found that such disclosure could result in negative impacts, including stigma and discrimination towards individuals who are HIV positive. This study was done in order to protect individual’s right to privacy, to show how prevention behaviors should be practiced more widely and how to promote public health with the goal of a decreasing the spread of HIV in the future. While examining the disclosures of these individual’s showed results, In the future I would suggest more research on the specific health guidelines that protect individuals who are HIV positive from disclosing their status. “Only by understanding why this is the case can public health practitioners, legal professionals, and others working on the response to the HIV epidemic globally have greater effect in protecting the rights of PLHIV and achieving the goals of increased positive disclosure and decreased spread of HIV.” (p.79) I also took into consideration individuals who may not know how to disclose their status to their
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