The Impact Of Student Teacher Relationships On Learning And Academic Development

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"Kids don 't learn from people they don 't like." -Rita F Pierson, Every Kid Needs A Champion The nature of teaching and education itself has evolved over time and teaching is recognised as more than just an academic pursuit, but also deals with emotional development from students which has affected how teachers do their jobs. The quote above is a reflection on things known by many pre-service teachers, that the way we present ourselves, treat and relate to our students heavily affects their learning and academic outcomes. If a student does not like their teacher for whatever reason, they will not engage and therefore will not learn. Therefore, it is vital to the success of both the teacher and the student to engage their emotions at…show more content…
Students in low socioeconomic schools are seen to benefit more from a positive relationship with their teacher compared to a higher socioeconomic school due to the risk factors associated with poverty, including high rates of early school leavers, lower rates of higher education, self-efficacy and self-confidence (Murray & Malmgrem, 2005). Low income students with stronger relationships with their teachers have higher academic achievement and more positive socio-emotional adjustment and health compared to students in the same income band with no student-teacher relationships (Murray & Malmgrem, 2005). Research in psychology has shown a strong link between happiness and success in the workplace, however education researchers are only beginning to explore the relationship between happiness and school achievement. In a cross-section study by Gilman and Hubner (2006), students who reported a high life satisfaction were more likely to report a higher grade point average (GPA) than those with lower life satisfaction. Furthermore, students with high life satisfaction also reported better attitudes towards school and their teachers (Gilman & Huebner, 2006). Although voiced differently, time and again students
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