The Impact Of Supervision Of Employees On The Hospitality Industry

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The supervision of employees is extremely important in the hospitality industry. Without supervision or guidance employees feel as though they can do as they please or simply do nothing because they do not know what to do. The first step to improve the training process is to improve the hiring process. Hiring individuals that are qualified for the position is an important concept to understand. Hourly individuals need to be well tested and interviewed instead of just hiring anyone that comes through the door. A few important characteristics would be good judgment, organization, and eagerness to learn new material. At this moment hourly employees are screened by a personality test; however, this test only tells human resources so much. The management and event concierge positions are screened in much more detail. In this technological age, it is more efficient and economical to utilize training software and equipment. Currently, training for event concierge and management is Marriott Global Source. This training is for the CI Training, which is computer software. This software allows managers to interact and share data with other employees that need it. However, there is little or no online training for hourly employees. Canned software exists that provides detailed instruction on proper serving techniques. This should be made available on demand for the hourly servers. Then management could test or perform reviews of the server’s proficiency. Software is also available
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