The Impact Of Supply Chain Management On Enterprise Resource Planning

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Project Report On The Impact of Supply Chain Management on Enterprise Resource Planning Ravinder Reddy Avangapuram Sachin Patil Srihari Dama Madhurima Dasari December 8, 2014 Abstract This research paper presents the results from a literature review on the traditional supply chain management (SCM) problems, reasons of implementing the Enterprise resource planning (ERP) in organizations. The main aim of our research paper is to evaluate the impact of Enterprise resource planning on supply chain management and to find out the best available supply chain management in market. We have gone through many reports, journals, articles and websites on supply chain management and enterprise resource planning. First, we found out the…show more content…
KEY WORDS: Enterprise Resource Planning; Supply Chain Management Introduction It has been two decades since the internal operations are consistently streamlined, manufacturing support up, quality of the products are generally enhanced, the expenses of assembling are consistently decreased yet now the organizations are presently concentrating on the reducing of logistics by mean of putting right supply chain methodologies for the excellence of organizations (Mangaladurai & Nemati, 2013). According Mangaladurai and Nemati European companies are spending between 5% to the highest ratio of 15% of the total budget of the company. In the United States, companies have used more than $ 670 billion on the supply chain related activities during the year 1993 which was the 10.5% of the aggregate GDP. The other key reason behind the modifications that are consistently made in the scope and methodologies (SCM) is the coming of the system economy. These days, there is more transparency in the business sectors where there is more customization added to the requests of the customers. Nonetheless, it has been recognized that there is dependably an increment in the costs for the business world. The
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