The Impact Of Task Types On Performance Of Iranian Efl Learners Fluency

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In the Name of God The Impact of Task Types on Performance of Iranian EFL Learners Fluency: A Case of Gender Study Thesis proposal Fatima Zafari Supervisor: Dr. Pazhakh November 2014 1. Introduction Task Based Language Teaching (TBT) has received a lot of attention in the recent years and language teachers believe that it is a very important and popular part of learning and teaching process. According to Pourdana (2011), in task-based language teaching, teachers’ syllabus content and instructional processes is based on the communicative tasks that language learners need to be involved in them in a real situation. EFL teachers use different tasks for teaching reading, writing listening and…show more content…
The present study will try to examine the effects of task type (decision making and personal tasks) on Iranian EFL learners writing fluency. According to Skehan & Foster (1997), in personal task learners need to use information that they know very well which they have already learned in English. They also mentioned that learners need to find solutions to different problems while dealing with a lot of unfamiliar information in their decision-making task. In other words, they deal with different situations in which they need to make logical decisions and they have to support their decisions by giving some logical reasons. (Skehan & Foster, 1997). This study will focus on these two types of task. 1.2 Objective of the study Aim of the study is showing the effect of task type on writing fluency of Iranian EFL learners. It also will try to show the role of gender and its effect on seeking proficiency. Gender and its role in language is a factor that needs more researches and the study will try to do this. 2. The Literature Review Many EFL teachers use different tasks for teaching materials in their classrooms. Using tasks can be very useful in teaching different skills. Many researchers have conducted studies on different aspects of task based language teaching (Robinson 1995; Yuan & Ellis 2003). According to Richards and Renandya (2002), tasks that help to facilitate communication and interaction are foundations
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