The Impact Of Teaching Schools On The Quality Of Teaching And Learning

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Consider the impact of Teaching Schools on the quality of teaching and learning in primary schools. You should also consider how the recent curriculum and assessment changes might impact on how schools work in collaboration. The aim of this essay is to look at the current policies and initiatives linked to partnership working and their implications for school. Understanding the professional skills necessary to promote effective partnership working will also be analysed. This essay will also evaluate the impact of Teaching Schools on the quality of teaching and learning. The background of inter-school partnership is complex and covers a wide range of different types of collaborative activities both formal and informal (sometimes a combination of both). It can involve schools of different key stages and types. Additionally, there are many reasons with varying timelines and with different degrees of success in regards to sustainability and impact, in school collaborations. Partnership working is an important element when planning for learning, teaching and assessment. According to The White Paper The Importance of Teaching (DfE, 2010) when schools work together, along the best, it leads to better results. Evidence by Chapman & Muijs (2014) suggest that the impact on student outcomes is greater in performance partnerships especially where high performing schools partner with low performing schools. They also found that the partnership effect on student outcomes were
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