The Impact Of Technological Development On The Growth And Development Of Distribution Via The Internet Industry

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Distribution had always been costly process for the tourism industry until technology was introduced. Technological development in the tourism industry of distribution systems consists of three main stages from the evolution and development of airline reservation systems (ARS), computer reservation systems such as SABRE and global distribution systems (GDS) that are now currently in place. The roles of these distributors and stages will be assessed. The impacts of the growth and development of distribution via the internet causes global distribution system companies to create changes in their business models to adapt to the evolution of new technology.

Before any technological systems, airlines took the initiative to create systems to solve issues such as informing possible passengers about whether or not they are able to book a seat. This process was very slow and required a lot of work to be done manually, bookings were usually made through telegrams, letters or even over the phone. The lack of direct communication between customers and airlines caused problems with over booking seats and under booking seats for a certain flight (Copeland, D and Mckenney, J. 1988). This made office jobs at airlines more labour intensive and stressful. Neither efficient for the customer nor the service provider. Therefore airlines created the card system, each airline office in each city would have a boards on the wall for particular flights which then had slots to represent the number of…
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