The Impact Of Technology And Its Impact On The World

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As the time goes on, technology becomes more popular and essential for most people’s daily life. Technology also becomes more dominant in every aspects on life such as working, studying, and even doing housework. It has radically changed the way human interacts with the world; for instance, people only communicated in person or through postal mails decades ago, and technology helped changing the traditional communication style into a faster one through texting and instant messaging. There are three perspectives on the impact of technology to humanity. First perspective is about its positive contributions to the society for the past few years. It has shorten many time-consuming tasks that made us have scratched our heads when thinking about them. Second perspective is about some cons of relying on technology too much such as becoming more lazy and lacking of motivation of doing things as well as disconnecting from reality and real people. The third perspective is about its uses for some people in developing countries. Technology does not help them much since these people do not have enough money to afford it. Therefore, its prohibited cost makes itself inaccessible in some countries. Technology actually has made life better but relying on its automatic nature too much can lead to being enslaved for it. First of all, I fully agree on the first perspective that technology has positively contributed a lot to the society. It is growing rapidly in the recent years. That means
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