The Impact Of Technology On Ancient Egypt

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Technology in Ancient Egypt

When one thinks of Egypt, the first thing that comes to mind are the pyramids. The pyramids are the most recognized art form in history because of its uniqueness and aesthetics. This may be because for an ancient civilization, Egypt was astounding in regards of technology. They did not just build one model of their ideal pyramid, instead they created many over and over again, to establish a perfect resting place for their ruler and the ruler’s family. This verifies that the formation of the pyramids was a thought out process that deserves the cultural distinction that we acknowledge in modern times. The complexity and precision of the pyramids confirms that Egypt was like no other, which further proves that the technology of Egypt was superb compared to other ancient civilizations.

As in many cultures, death in Ancient Egypt was significant. It was seen as a continuation of life, and Ancient Egyptians heavily emphasized that the survival of the spirit in the afterlife depended upon the survival of the body of the deceased. Meaning, they were no longer just thrown into the ground with they clothes they died in. In fact, the death process became so serious that “mummification was evolved to ensure that the body would remain intact in its tomb, surrounded by its possessions, for all of eternity.1. In the late Predynastic times, there was a shift from simple graves, were the deceased were laid in a fetal position on their left side in the sand
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