The Impact Of Technology On Business And Everyday Life

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Running head: TECHNOLOGY The Trend of Technology in Business and Everyday Life Khristina Bell Bethel University The trend of technology is continuing to rise as the economy continues to change. “Some aspects of society and our individual lives are also influenced by technology in many direct and indirect ways, including governance,entertainment, human relationships, and our views on morality, mind, matter and our own human nature” (Patil, 2017). All of the aspects listed play a huge role in the trend of technology changing as society does. Everyday technology is being used at the learner’s current employer plays a major role in getting things done. Adams Keegan is a company that “provides a comprehensive suite of HR…show more content…
Several employees have complained about their computers freezing, systems running slow and in some cases even shutting down. “Information technology is an essential tool for the average information professional today, and ongoing research is needed to assess technological directions of the field over a period of time. The most popular technologies are email, office productivity tools, web browsers, library catalogs, database-searching tools, and printers” (Maceli & Burke, 2016). The problem at Adams Keegan is the amount of advanced technology that we have compared to the amount of clients we provide services to. All of the technology features listed are all a part of what is used on a daily basis. Not having access to certain technology during certain times of the day can sometimes hinder what the staff is trying to accomplish. For example, there are only a certain amount of scanners located in our department. Clients can request that documents be scanned to them at any given moment. If a person in payroll for example is scanning checks it can take a while to be able to use the scanner and get back to your client in time. “An obvious benefit to technology in businesses is increased productivity, other benefits that can help are improved speed, the ease of sharing and storing information and a decrease in human error through automation add up to a reduction in costs
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