The Impact Of Technology On Change Management

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This presentation is about the use of technology in change management. We will review how technology facilitates changes management. Then recommend best practice for changing management. This presentation begins by analyzing the report by Mondal (2011) called “Entrepreneurship in U.S. Auto Industry: Ford Stay Ahead.” Henry Ford is the founder of Ford Motor Company. As a successful entrepreneur Ford’s practice included technological innovation for cost cutting measure, introduction of new products, expansion of new market and created new economic organization. Using Schumpeter’s five factor model we will analyze entrepreneurship around innovation.
Ford’s Technology in Change Management
In Ford’s initial years, innovation technology was used to remodel the most popular model cars; this increase profit for the business. It used to take Ford 14 hours to build the T model car; he reduced labor cost using a time known as “mass production method.” This method reduced the assembly time to1 hr. 33 minutes. This innovation technology reduced labor cost for the new Model T (Mondal, 2011).
Entrepreneur take risk: by creating new products, adapts to new production process, create new market, and create new technology and economic for an organization. According to Michaelides & Kardasi (2010) development depends upon “innovation.” This concept includes an introduction of new goods, new methods of production; the opening of a new market, conquest of a new source of supply and carries out
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