The Impact Of Technology On Children

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In modern society, technology is growing and advancing fast, but as technology expands, it brings problems with it. Some children are losing their ability to socialize with others, because of how much time they spend on technology. “Children can averagely spend six hours each day watching television or playing their video game because of its entertainment” (Sawyer, 2010). Some of them are so addicted that they do not want to communicate to others. “According to the identical survey stated by A.C. Nielson Company parents spend only three and a half minutes per week having momentous conversations with their kids” (Herr, 2007). Besides, there are some other kinds of children, social network children, which use the technology differently from the group stated above. The social network children are the children that rely their life on their social device such as cell phone and computer. They are always in need of the device that they could use it to socialize to their social friends. Social friends are included the realistic friends that they actually meet in their real life and others that just met by social network program. From my personal experiences, more than 90 percent of my friends are accessing to the social network site: Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Youtube, and Tumblr. In the social network site, it is so easy to communicate or contact with new people. The only main point of social site is that we can have our space to share our personal text
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