The Impact Of Technology On Consumer Behavior

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The Influence of Technology on Consumer Behavior Dismary Munoz-Castillo Consumer Behavior (BUS235) The Influence of Technology on Consumer Behavior The implementation of new technologies, such as the Internet, mobile phones, social media, and customer relationship management systems, allow customers to have full access to detailed product information and prices, compare products against other competitors, and ultimately make a purchase decision in an easier way. Even better, from the comfort of their home, consumers are able to buy virtually any product at any time and any day, thanks to e-commerce. The technology revolution has entirely shaped consumers’ behavior and decision-making. Now that customers have become more product savvy, they are more demanding, less tolerant, and less loyal than they were a few years back. Also, through social media, now they have a voice, an opinion, and they will use do what is necessary to share their experiences. It is important to understand that also, empowered by social networks and digital devices, consumers have more power to influence not only what they purchase, but also what other consumers buy. Whether customers are satisfied or unhappy with a product and/or service, now they have the option to let the world know how they feel about a specific product, and this can greatly impact businesses and might even change other consumers’ perception through the use of these technologies. These trends will continue to rise and as
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