The Impact Of Technology On Education And Revealed Reactions

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Diverse researches contributed to detect the impact of technology on education and revealed reactions for both students and teachers of using technology in classroom.
These researches has given us three results:
1) Some research has shown a dramatic difference between the schools in the past and now.
2) What Is Successful Technology Integration?
3) However, some of researches indicate to several difficulties and disadvantages that associated with using technology.

What Is Successful Technology Integration?
The education in the era of information and communication technology and the era of the global economy and commodity more vital to the success of the introduction and a driving force for change, so it is important to realize that we must deal with today 's education in a manner different from the past. The most important issues," which is prepared by the National Committee for Education and the future of America that the world has not seen the stage like the current stage, where nations and peoples success and even survival is linked to their ability to learn, and there is no in today 's society and a wide range of skilled non who do not proficient in the use of sources of knowledge, and identify and resolve problems and learn new technologies.
The question of the existence of the technology in the field of education is no alternative than to apply it even fits with other areas such as engineering, defense, medicine, space science, agriculture and the modern era.
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