The Impact Of Technology On European Society

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Throughout history, existing technology has been modified or replaced by new technological innovations. These new technological innovations have had various effects on societies and the world. Most of the new technologies that are created are to make life much easier and and improve certain standards. Two inventions which have caused broad impacts are the printing press and the factory system. In 15th century, a man name Johannesburg Gutenberg impacted the European society in several ways by introducing the printing press. Before the printing press was introduced into the European society, most of all literature to be hand copied requiring long hours of hard work. Therefore, there was only limited number of books…show more content…
This impacted the European society by causing the people of the society to not blindly accept whatever they hear from the. Church and to question it. This later on led to more awareness among the people and led to the Enlightenment. The printing press indirectly helped people to know the truth by learning scientific facts instead of believing in whatever the higher authority said, like the sun is located in the middle of the universe and not the earth. Also, the news of scientific discoveries and advancement were known by everyone due to the fast printing press. Without the printing press, Luther’s ideas and other source of literature would not have spread as quickly as they did and may not have had as great impact. The second invention which is the development of the factory system had a profound impact as well. The invention of factory system, especially for textiles revolutionized the nature of work during the British Industrial Revolution. Before this invention, textiles and clothing were made by spinning and weaving in homes. To produce clothes, thread and fabrics had to be first created by laborers. However, when the factory system was introduced, the production of clothes became much faster. By the introduction of factory systems, there were more jobs for the people of the society, more production of goods, and an increase in the economy. As a result of more jobs, many people moved to the cities, leading
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