The Impact Of Technology On Health Care

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The Cost of Technology in HealthCare As humans when we find ourselves in pain, what are the first places that come to mind for help? Hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics, and other health facilities or simply just a quick call to an ambulance. But while we’re getting treated for our discomfort, it never crosses our minds of the actual cost of the technology in these places that are providing us with comfort; or that allows whomever whether it’s a doctor, nurse, medical assistant, physical therapist or any other health care professional that fits the criteria to provide us with help. What we don’t realize is that when it comes down to the fees, equipment cost is also are calculated into our bills. Which in some cases, is why people don’t seek medical attention in America. Some simply can’t afford the prices of the technology used for our care inside of these health care facilities. Throughout the years the cost of technology in healthcare has changed rapidly. “In 20 years, the total cost of medical care for the nation has increased from less than $50 billion a year to over $500 billion.” (Santa Clara University, 2014, p.3). We’ve come so far from the early 1900s, when technology wasn’t even heard of to cure diseases. In today’s world, everything we see around us today is run by technology especially health care. It also has become very costly, especially in the U.S. being that we’re the most reliable when it comes to treatments and cures. “Medical technology and
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