The Impact Of Technology On Modern Society Essay

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Our world is constantly changing. One aspect that seems to change the most rapidly and frequently is technology. Technology impacts every aspect of modern society. All industries rely on technology in one way or another, however, the impact of technology is more apparent in the field of healthcare and medicine. In relevance to pharmacy, modern technology has changed the structure and organization of the entire medical field (Banova, 2013).
In the field of pharmacy, there are a multitude of different technological innovations that are used because of the benefits of automated information processing (Goundrey-Smith, 2014) Goundrey-Smith (2014) says that pharmacy technology enables routine, repetitive and monotonous tasks to be conducted with consistent accuracy, standardisation and consistent use of terminology and nomenclature, and mass customisation. There are a wide range of technology that is currently being used in hospital and institutional pharmacy practices. Three of the most common ones are MediTech, Acu-Dose Rx and PACMED.
MediTech is a software system that is used in hospital and institutional settings designed to help ones organization to increase patient safety, streamline processes, and improve communication across departments and other healthcare providers (MediTech, 2016). MediTech provides accurate, up-to-the-minute information is available where and when users need it, resulting in more informed and effective treatment and decision making. All
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