The Impact Of Technology On Our Society

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Impact of Technology – Twitter Use and Effects on Society

The information age has actually created great challenges for every profession and mostly journalism. The newly evolved technologies have significantly altered the way people receive news and other information. Basically, the influence of new technology in our lives and how twitter affected the field of Journalism. Journalism and social media have entered into a convenient marriage. Especially twitter has become important and popular among the journalists. News outlets have been using it to distribute news, market stories and also it has helped them to reach out to consumers while reporters have been using it as a tool to find and approach people (Broersma, 2013). Twitter is acting as a useful source in the 21st century. Twitter provides us with access to find and connect with various people, which was not possible earlier. All these changes have occurred due to the evolution of the Internet. Before the establishment of the internet people usually met and communicated face to face and mostly relied on word of mouth. But this technology has changed our lives and made it interesting and knowledgeable. My personal experience with that is quite similar as the rest, I enjoy spending time on these sites and do gain valuable information, which was not really possible earlier. On the other hand, people are becoming addicted to social media and it is consuming the majority of our time, as it has become a way to spend most of
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