The Impact Of Technology On Society And Schools

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Individuals have been segregated, avoided, harmed, and treated unfairly for centuries. Victims have experienced all forms of abuse such as: violent, verbal, emotional, mental, physical, and sexual. We would be extremely ignorant to think that these types of behaviors are not present in today’s society and schools. The advancement in technology has been beneficial in communicating information to the public; consequently, it has also introduced a new form of harassment and intimidation. The world we live in today has increased in violence and is considered to be more dangerous than that of our ancestors. Bullying is present in all aspects of today’s society, and it has the ability to be more detrimental than ever before. It is evident that violence has been present in both schools and society in general (omit) for centuries. Although there has not been a drastic increase in bullying, recently ; however, (omit) it has been under a microscope received more attention due to the media attention (omit) and the advancements in technology. The way bullying was dealt with in the past is no longer used in today’s civilization. In the past, confrontations were resolved by a simple fistfight in a bar or back alley. Similarly, in the school environment, teachers would be permitted to discipline their students firmer than is allowed today. Nowadays, the majority of bullying and mistreatment reaches far past the school’s control. The use of the Internet has opened new
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