The Impact Of Technology On Society Today

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There is no doubt that technology plays a big role in society today. Whether people like it or not, one thing is definite: technology is not going anywhere. Having grown up in the midst of the digital revolution, technology was going to be a part of my life, and it most definitely has. No matter if it is the Internet, computers, cell phones, tablets, video games; I have been exposed to all of them. However, of all the pieces of technology I have used, the one I cannot live without would have to be my laptop. This year has opened my eyes to how important it is to have a nice laptop. Whether I am taking notes in class, doing research online, typing a paper, surfing the web, or Skyping my family back home, I am always using my laptop. Sure, I still use my cell phone a lot, but I honestly do not use social media on it as I used to. So really the main purposes for my cell phone are what they should be for; making phone calls and sending texts. If I did not have a laptop, it would make going to school more challenging, I would spend much more time at the library using their computers and could not enjoy lying in bed watching my favorite show on Netflix. Of course I could handle not having a laptop. However, after completing my first year away at school, my eyes have been opened to the importance of having one, and I have seen how dependent I am on mine. I use the technology I use because it makes my life easier, simpler, and more efficient. I also use technology because it
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