The Impact Of Technology On Society 's Society

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The Impact Of Technology On Society Technology has always played an important part of our history, whether it impacts the medical field, astrological instruments, microscopic technology, and these innovations have all played an important role in changing the scientific views of society. These inventions were very important in the direction society took as a whole and should be recognized as such. However there were inventions that had more of an impact on the general society as others, and changed the face of the planet to what it is today. The technologies with the most adverse and the greatest impact on human society as a whole, have always been the revolution of transportation, but not necessarily the transportation of people, but the transportation of information. This can clearly be seen throughout history with the invention of the printing press steam engine, cars and most recently, the internet.

A perfect example of this would be the printing press. Easily one of the greatest inventions in the history of modern humans,this innovation isn 't necessarily a mode of transportation. However it did magnify the distribution and transportation of information throughout its era, making study and education not only a thing for the rich,but also possible for the poor as well. Invention of the printing press revolutionized the way humans could move information from one destination to the next. With the invention of Johannes Gutenberg 's amazing machine, the time that it took…
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