The Impact Of Technology On Student Learning

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I. Introduction In the past few years, technology has really been pushed into education. Technology has effected the student learning. Learning methods are changed due to the internet. The purpose of this report to describe the effects of learning trends using eBooks and print books. Undoubtedly, nowadays, students are more interested towards eLearning, but still print books hold great importance. This writing attempts to explain facts regarding eBooks and printed text, and which method has greats influence on student learning. II. Facts/Findings As we all know in the 21st century, the world is connected globally and almost all age group people are familiar with the use technical tools like mobile phones, computers, laptops, etc. We are getting everything with one touch sitting at one place. So, this easy approach to get and learn has attracted the students. The following section explain the important facts: 1. Student Learning Every student has their own preference for learning and every student use different techniques for learning. Learning also varies from subject to subject. For example, mathematics requires hand practices, on the other hand some subjects require just visual reading to remember.” In the past, a typical classroom was completely teacher-directed and contained the usual materials consisting of a chalkboard, textbooks, pencil, and paper. However, over the past decade that has drastically changed. Now days, most classrooms are equipped with multiple
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