The Impact Of Technology On The Biopharma Arena

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People who work in the information technology (IT) area of a biopharmaceutical company usually start either with an IT background and become interested in the biopharma field, perhaps because of the desire to help find cures for diseases, or they start in the clinical area and become more interested and involved in what IT can do for clinical research. Very few people actually start with the idea of working in IT for a biopharma company. This article focuses on the impact some of the major technologies introduced into the biopharma arena over the past few years. It also addresses IT-oriented clinical research professional needs to know about the various and numerous technologies in this field. And this article will suggest the need for “bridge people” who understand the industry, IT, and how to apply IT to the day-to-day needs of clinical research. Technology is an area of rapid change. It is an area where strong skills and the desire to keep up with innovation and change are essential for a good IT professional and/or bridge person. Although the pace of change makes it difficult for any IT-oriented person to keep up with the field, people must have industry knowledge to drive the adoption of new technology. In this day and age, even clinical research professionals who do not desire to become IT or bridge people must have an improved understanding of technological changes that will help them perform day-to-day work, as this work can no longer be divorced from the technology.

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