The Impact Of Technology On The Classroom

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Upon entering a classroom in the United States the room is typically full of desks and chairs in symmetrical rows, the teacher’s desk is stacked with resources, and a considerable amount of textbooks, papers, and posters are located around the room. Among these objects there may be one or two computers, in some instances smartboards, but overall the influence of technology in the classroom is limited. This scene is practically identical to every other classroom across the country. Although society has evolved to embrace technology, the American classroom has had little alteration to its scenery and little acceptance of technology in educating students. In contrast to the past, the classroom and the educational techniques used in the twenty-first century have evolved. Throughout the evolution of schooling, the introduction and the use of computers has altered the American classroom and education positively. Amid the newly developing country, the American classroom was considerably different than contemporary classrooms. According to the “The History of Education,” early education was largely taught at home where parents educated their children with the guidance of the Bible and a hornbook. Hornbooks were “wooden paddles with printed lessons [which] were popular in the colonial era” (“The History of Education in America”). By the 1700s, secondary schools were on the rise as well as the introduction of the first textbook. As written in “The History of Education,” the
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