The Impact Of Technology On The Classroom Environment

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Retell: The use of technology has been part of the classroom environment for decades now. It has been utilized to enhance the learning of content knowledge and assists teachers in a variety of ways. Within the past ten years, technology has rapidly expanded and has become much more accessible for people of all ages. In the 21st century, technology is constantly evolving and as educators we need to keep up with the times. For ELLs, it is without question that technology has made an impact on their language acquisition. The use of technology in the classroom is important, as the language development occurs in a controlled environment. More importantly, teachers need to understand how to use the technology to reinforce content before they can consider incorporating it into their pedagogy. Mishra and Koehler state “In other words, merely knowing how to use technology is not the same as knowing how to teach with it” (2006). They suggest a framework called Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge, or TPCK, which is “the basis of good teaching with technology and requires an understanding of the representation of concepts using technologies, pedagogical techniques that use techniques in constructive way to teach content…” (2006). Furthermore, they also state the use of technology “requires a thoughtful interweaving of all three key sources of knowledge, technology, pedagogy, and content.” (2006). Teachers always need to have clear and specific learning objectives, however,
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