The Impact Of Technology On The Development Of Psychological Research

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A discussion into the claim that technology has played a decisive role in the development of psychological research. This essay will discuss the role that technology has played in psychological research. The essay will begin by focusing on the debate surrounding the ethics of the study by Milgram, into obedience, and how, in light of new ethics guidelines, technology has enabled his study to be replicated and extended. Then, it will consider the work of both Broca and Wernicke, and looks at how they came to their findings without the aid of technology, how technology has since confirmed their findings, and how it extended their studies. After this, the essay will look at studies into friendship, how technology could be used in future studies and the impact that technology has had with regards to how researchers define friendship, before concluding that the evidence provided supports the claim that technology has played a decisive role in psychological research. Firstly, in order to understand how technology played a decisive role in relation to Milgram 's study it will be necessary to look at the aim of his study and the methods that he adopted. Like many others in the second half of the twentieth century, Milgram wanted to understand how the holocaust of the Second World War could have happened (Banyard, 2012). Therefore, his obedience study was not driven by technology, but by the desire to discover what could make ordinary people commit murder and other atrocities on
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