The Impact Of Technology On The Digital Age

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This essay will explore the role of teaching, the purpose of schooling and the use of technology in the Digital Age with a focus on the implications the Digital Age has on teachers, teaching and the use of technology in schools. The Digital Age signifies the period since the 1970’s, which saw the change in the way we interact based on information computerization and saw the prevalence of the high-tech global economy that surrounds a knowledge-based society (Wikipedia, 2014). This period saw the rapid increase of the technological capacity to store information (Wikipedia, 2014). Traditionally, schooling is defined as the transferring of knowledge and skills in a school environment (Merriam Webster, n.d.). Schooling additionally includes the social and cultural structures such as the organisation of time reflected in the school timetable, the role people assume within the school and the knowledge that makes up the curriculum (Selwyn, 2012). Along with the obvious processes of teaching, learning and communication, the processes of socialisation and regulation should also be considered when thinking about schooling (Selwyn, 2012). A person who teachers or instructs, especially in a school environment is referred to as a teacher (Merriam Webster, n.d.). The priority of the teacher should be to seize the opportunity for learning experiences (Creighton & Dickson, 1969). Society has always had high expectations of teachers as protectors, inspirers and critics (Creighton & Dickson,
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