The Impact Of Technology On The Environment

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In this current scenario, people exist in technology era as well as they are living the development stage in industry, technology and all other aspects. Scientists continually exposed many accurate inventions which are very helpful to people in their day to day life and it makes their life easy and caused a big turn in everyone’s life. The computer and all other recent technological gadgets are best examples of new technologies. Whereas they have their positive influence on people`s life as a whole. But they also bring some types of pollution, which might cause a critical harm to the ecosystem. The environment is one`s health. Environment is air, water, and vegetable fruit which everyone`s necessity. Unfortunately, not all people consider the ecological issue as mandatory. In this era factors such as transportation, infrastructure, as well as newly developed technologies are considered as main aspects which improve standard of living but pollute the environment. Thus damage of environment is an inevitable result of rising standard of living. (Hramizi, 2013) First of all, developed accommodation system supports people to lead happy life. It grows standard of living of people but the development system of accommodation goes against environment. It’s harmful to environment. On the other hand, we haphazardly cut the trees and destroy forest as well as cultivable lands for our living. Environment faces a risk of ecological imbalance because of shortage of vegetation and
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