The Impact Of Technology On The Environment

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Technology is defined as anything that makes life easier. There are times where technology can make life easier just as a phone can make your life easier by allowing you something to use to stay in touch with those people that are around you. There are also times where technology can make life harder because it is used against nature and can ruin places. Some of those times are: the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, China’s environmental degradation, World War II, and the second Industrial Revolution. These are all times in history where the environment took a turn for the worst because of the newest technology that was created and used. Oil Spill Oil spills can impact the environment greatly. Since the oil boats are on the ocean if the break and start to leak it goes into the ocean where it can harm the ocean and those that make their home in it. “That spill caused an immediate and significant impact to the ecosystem, with sightings of birds and turtles washed up on beaches covered with oil, as well as an increase in the deaths of other marine life” (Sinclair, 2017). The oil spill in 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico was the biggest since Deepwater Horizon. It caused harm to the ecosystem around it because technology came in so it could pump oil out of the ground under the ocean. There is no way to know the impact that oil spill and really every oil spill has had on the marine ecosystem. China’s Environmental Degradation The population on China is constantly increasing and it is increasing quickly. Because of the population increase there are more and more carbon emission, which is causing a lot of pollution in China. “While China’s economic boom has greatly accelerated the devastation of its land and resources, the roots of its environmental problem stretch back centuries” (Albert and Xu, 2016). China’s environment is becoming more and more polluted and it is also causing harm to the plants, animals and ecosystem there. China’s population began booming and has increased by about 10% every year for the last decade (Albert and Xu, 2016). While the population increases so does the industrialization of the country which in turn increases the carbon emissions and pollution. The water is also becoming increasingly
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