The Impact Of Technology On The Healthcare Field

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Abstract While advancements in technology have positively impacted the nursing field, it has also created huge concerns with patient privacy and sharing of protected health information leading to detrimental effects to patients and their families. Indeed, technology is changing the face of healthcare with positive innovations to reduce medication errors and documentation errors. However, technology at our fingertips has created immense concerns with sharing of protected health information of patients via social media, email and other means of communication via technology. This paper addresses why I feel the advancement of technology has numerous deficits that need more research and implementation of new laws and policies to safeguard the…show more content…
The electronic health record (EHR) is a digital record of a patient’s health history that may be made up of records from many locations and/or sources, such as hospitals, providers, clinics, and public health agencies. The EHR is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and has built-in safeguards to assure patient health information confidentiality and security. (Huston, 2013) Equally impressive is the implementation of Computerized Physician/provider Order Entry or CPOE. CPOE is known as one of three key patient safety initiatives by Leapfrog Group, a conglomeration of non-health care Fortune 500 company leaders committed to modernizing the current healthcare system (Huston, 2014; The Leapfrog Group, 2013). CPOE is a type of software designed to reduce errors in transcription due to illegible physician handwritings or wrongly placed decimals in dosage and strengths of medications. CPOE also gives the clinician access to Clinical Decision Support, or CDS, which is a database to assist clinicians and providers to health related information for certain patient diagnosis with care planning assistance and direction. (Huston, 2014; The Leapfrog Group, 2013). CPOE and CDS will likely be streamlined and commonly used in healthcare in the next decade which appears will likely improve patient safety as well as vastly reduce medication and
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