The Impact Of Technology On The Healthcare Profession

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Nursing has been around since the early antiquity years but it was not until Florence Nightingale came along in the 1850’s that the foundation of nursing was established. Over the years nursing has continued to grow and advance not just within its self but also within our society which has grown further and faster than anyone could ever imagine. For example nursing has learned to incorporate the advancements of technology into its self by using; smartphones as a form of communication (texting, pictures), electronic health records to chart patients information, and by using social media outlets such as Facebook, twitter, and blogs to interact with their clients and to reach out to new potential clients. Along with these advancements of…show more content…
After a long night of work she heads home while forgetting her phone at the hospital. Which leads towards the scenario conclusion that I have decided to choose (1). Within this conclusion I as a nurse have found a lost cellphone. While trying to figure out who the owner of the cellphone is I happen to come across photos that appear to have been taken the night before of the lead singer Jerod from the band “Blue Lizards”. I cannot believe what I have found and believe that no one could possibly trace the photos to me or the cellphone. After stumbling upon the cellphone I would have no other choice but to turn it into my supervisor and allow him or her to handle the situation as they see fit. I could possibly confront the nurse myself and explain to her how taking these photos last night is a violation of the patients right to privacy, a violation of HIPA and is simply unethical behavior, however I believe hearing this from a supervisor will be more effective. HIPAA Regulations HIPAA was created in 1996, its purposes is to allow people to maintain health insurance, protect confidential and secure healthcare information, and to help healthcare industry control administrative cost ( For the purpose of this paper I will be focusing on protection of confidential and secure healthcare information. In order to understand what qualifies as protected health care information you first have to understand what
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