The Impact Of Technology On The Internet

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The Internet has been around since August 6th,1991, exactly 20 years ago and now people can’t seem to look up from their phone screens. Technology has given us the ability of being able to communicate from across the globe to being able to search up anything and everything. But does this 24/7 accessibility help us grow and learn more or limit the ability for us to think for ourselves as human beings. Technology has given large company and firm owners the ability to enhance their productivity and stock by significantly different percentages compared to the progress in productivity of those firms and companies that have not been introduced to technology or have become internet savvy. .According to Jim Collins, CoAuthor of “Good To Great”, has explained the different type of companies by comparing those that failed to make the leap from being decently good companies to outstanding companies. He asks what was different and why did one set of companies become truly great performers while the other set remained only good. This saying, how has the difference between the success of technology based companies and the downfall of companies that use little to no Internet affect their productivity and ability to make it in their industries? The logic that was lived by was “New Technology will change everything.” The thought process of the Entrepreneurs were : “It’s the great Internet landgrab: Be the first, be there fast, build market share-no matter how expensive- and you win.” This is saying that because of the new technology, being in the business of the market has been made easier and that with the correct skills,anyone with an idea and a dream can begin their career. The Technological Revolution is gradually changing the way that we, as workers, do our day-to-day job. One company is more likely to succeed if they are technology based than a company that is mildly distant from technology in modern day. According to Paul Hudson ,The Digital Revolution, also sometimes referred to as the (WW3)3rd Industrial Revolution, and the Industrial Revolution are similar in many aspects. The Industrial Revolution brought about a change in production methods, from handmade production to
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