The Impact Of Technology On The Legal Profession Essay

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Technology has changed the way we live our lives in pretty much every way imaginable. In the past, the common belief was that only manual work would be greatly affected by the rise of technology. However, service professions such as the legal profession have certainly seen a change as well. There are discussions what this will mean in the future and whether it will go beyond the current aiding role. If that is so, it could potentially change the current legal framework and question the role of lawyers themselves. There are also issues in relation to the protection of clients through data protection, confidentiality and accountability to look out for. This essay will focus on four main points. Firstly, it will discuss the overall impact of technology on the legal profession, while discussing the potential and feared threat of this. Secondly, exploring the lawyer’s responsibility to offer quality and proper service while relating this to accountability of technology. Thirdly, it will discuss issues relating to confidentiality and the overall role of the lawyer to ensure confidentiality is kept a priority while balancing out the cost reducing and more efficient technologies. Lastly, it will discuss the educational position in relation to technology and the changes that need to happen to prepare future lawyers for their careers. The legal profession has been around for a long time, as it is one of the oldest information professions . The service it provides is essential, as it

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