The Impact Of Technology On The Medical Field

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Technological advancements in healthcare are moving at a very fast pace in the world today. There are no signs that in the future, it will slow down. The impact of technology on the medical field is immense. Computers have provided technological advancement in many fields but in the field of medicine, in the last decade, advancements have had an enormous impact. Innovative technologies assist healthcare professionals to diagnose, treat and care for patients. For example, information is readily accessible, test results are almost immediate and surgical procedures can be done in half the time – all resulting in improved patient care. Improved patient care also comes at a price. New technologies are expensive to create. Health care facilities must find and plan for additional funds to obtain new equipment and train staff. One specific technological advancement in healthcare is electronic medical records. Health records containing patient treatment in the past were documented on paper. The development of computers began the in 1960 and 1970s. American universities began to explore the connection between computers and medical records. (“Health Information Management History” Past to Current Day”, 1) Those universities grouped with large healthcare facilities where patient information was only useful at one healthcare facility .This restricted the product’s viability out on the market. For a long time, health records were put into computer systems that were designed to
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