The Impact Of Technology On The Modern World

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Impact Of Technology In the Modern World
Throughout the life, some influences have shaped people the way they live their lives today. Impact of a virtual connection, and go beyond the brain’s ability, is rising in an eyesight bling, which is a cause of socialization— brain’s ability to multitask and their consequences itself. The usage of the internet is creating conflict upon individuals that they have become modern in today’s world. In the essay “The Limit Of Friendship” by Maria Konnikova, who is a psychologist and a creative writer from the Columbia University explores the Dunbar’s theoretical number of a friend that one could have in their life. Konnikova informs people about her colleague Robin Dunbar’s research how social networking
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Furthermore, Technology has more of a side effect than positive outcomes in people 's lives in this modern world. Adverse effects are easy to catch, and it has proven in the essay by Maria Konnikova and Richard Restak. On top of that Konnikova in her essay “The Limit Of Friendship” mansion a Dunbar number which proves that people are more convenient keeping up with their friends online, therefore, it 's causing an issue of why people have more online friends rather than real friends. “Isn 't it easier to have more friends when we have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to help us to cultivate and maintain them?” (Konnikova 237). From this quote one could obviously see that why people are attracting towards virtual interactions than physical interactions. People think it’s easy to have a friend online to get away from trouble and consequences, with that said people can quickly and regularly keep in touch with each other in today 's hectic world. There are also some effects of technology which conferred in the essay “Attention Deficit: The Brain Syndrome Of Our Era.” In the modern world, technology has taken the human mind entirely which is attracting people to technology. “The mind was thus a machine and could best be understood through the employment of machine metaphors”
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