The Impact Of Technology On The Way War

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James Moore Mr. Brown Academy English 9 Honors 18 March 2015 After every battle of every war, troops are getting stronger, faster, and more accurate. Generals are getting smarter and creating more tactics and coming up with more battle strategies, but during all of this, the most drastic change is in the technology. Things are now becoming more computerized every day and it is very noticeable. Nowadays, everywhere you look no matter where at, a person with a smartphone, tablet, or computer will be seen no matter where the location. Technology is making us lazy and is taking jobs away from many people, but at the same time it is improving many things and making them faster and more efficient then a human could. Technology is not only…show more content…
New adaptions were soon picked up after Natives taught groups the method of “Guerilla Warfare”, which was a tactic of coming out of trees and any other surroundings. This method was really first introduced in the French and Indian war, when the natives taught it to the French and British, which ever group they decided to fight with. From there, guerilla warfare was used more often by groups in war. “Spurred by the dramatic advances in information technology, the U.S. military has adopted a new style of warfare that eschews the bloody slogging matches of old” ( In addition to all the new ways of physical attacks, a new way of attacking has been spurred onto the world over the internet. Attacks over the internet known as “Cyber-attacks” are becoming more and more common and are a scary thing to think about. Hackers can access our personal files and all of our money and cause national bankruptcy. Likewise, advancements in weaponry have drastically changed warfare today. In times such as the War of 1812, the main weapon was the musket which was a long rifle which took very long to reload. The musket had a knife at the end of the barrel for a scenario such as an enemy charging from the front, then while the soldier is reloading another enemy would charge from behind. From there, the soldier would attack with the knife at the end of the barrel. Also, many carried axes for close combat with an enemy
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